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Bridge into the Woods

About Shaman Meg


Hello, I’m Meg and I am proud to help women and mothers be the best version of themselves.

Before I met my first shaman, I had my dream job. The job I had been working toward for years. I was a Chef for a big software company in San Francisco. Even though I had achieved my goals and successfully checking off all the boxes of what I was “supposed” to do, the rest of my life was empty. Despite all my hard work I was not happy when I woke up in the morning. I also suffered from constant pain in my back due to a car accident and my physically demanding job only made it worse. Over the years I spent 10s of thousands of dollars on medical bills, chiropractors, physical therapy, yoga, massages, you name it. Nothing would help and I spent so much of my valuable time and money just to find a little relief, which I did not.


I was skeptical…


When I met my first shaman, I was skeptical. I had been raised strictly catholic and wasn’t exactly into anything “woo woo”. I was determined to try anything and everything I could before resorting to back surgery. My first session with my shaman blew my mind. It not only changed my energy field but it changed the physical health of my body. My back pain and other old injuries went away and my body now had the space to heal itself. After experiencing just a tiny piece of what my shaman was offering, I knew I had to continue training with her to learn and to heal as much as I could so that I could reclaim my life.


I had suffered long enough…

I turned to this amazing work to help relieve pain in my back but it actually helped heal literally every area of my life. Physically, emotionally and spiritually. They say when the teacher shows up, the student is ready and boy, I had suffered long enough by the time I met my shaman. I was ready. My shaman made it so easy for me to learn in a loving and supportive environment. I literally watched my life completely transform in ways so amazing I could have never imagined. I am no longer in pain, I have a career that is meaningful and fulfilling and my relationships with my family have transformed in unbelievable ways.  Shortly after beginning my training I met the love of my life and we now have a beautiful healthy daughter.


The healing extended far beyond my back injury


While I was amazed at all the positive changes that happened in my life before my daughter, the wisdom of the shaman became even more tangible once she came into the world. I realized that because I had done all this work on myself I could now be the best version of myself for her so that she can grow up in the best way possible. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t find myself turning to this work to help me be my best for her.


I learned how to tap into my power…


With all the twists and turns that come our way in life I am so thankful for the training and insights I have received and could not imagine what my busy life as a working mom would look like had I not taken the time to understand myself and learn how to tap into my fullest potential and I can’t wait to share this wisdom with you!

Finding your “aha!” moment…

Since 2014 I have loved working with the most amazing people to bring them this transformative wisdom and healing. I have loved watching them find their “Aha” moments and really begin to see the changes in their lives that they crave and find the power within themselves to create the life they deserve. Now more than ever in this crazy world we need to embody the changes we wish to see. By digging into our stories and finding out the “why’s” that are keeping us stuck. 


Why am I perpetually STRESSED OUT?

Why am I always EXHAUSTED? 

Why do I feel like my hard work is NEVER ENOUGH? 

Why must I live in constant PAIN?

Why do I find myself constantly STRUGGLING to make ends meet? 


These are just some of the questions I struggled with before finding this work and over the years many of my clients have echoed them back to me as well. As I was able to experience, until we figure out the roots of the problems we are experiencing we are doomed to repeat those same problems over and over again. By guiding you to uncover and understand all the “why’s” so you can begin to rewrite a new story and find answers you have been searching for your entire life.


Uncover the hidden emotions that have been holding you back

Discover what balance feels like in your life

Learn how to create the life of your dreams

Receive the tools to transform your life

Experience optimal health 


That brings me to you.


I am so proud to have created Shamana Mamas to help women like you. Women who have so much to offer but keep finding themselves stuck and unable to make that leap forward to achieve their dreams. In a Shaman Session we start with a foundation of love and support to help you uncover what has been holding you back and transform those "weaknesses" into gifts so you can achieve the goals that have always felt just out of reach. 


If you have read this far I hope you are ready to take those steps to start achieving the life you know you deserve. Want to learn more? Come follow me on instagram and facebook for fun tips and videos. Subscribe to our mailing list and always be kept in the loop about upcoming classes and events.


I am so excited for you to begin this transformative journey and can’t wait to work with you!

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