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Discover the healer in you

You are your own healer. I work with you to uncover and clear hidden emotions so you are then able to discover the wisdom within yourself and learn to to find balance and joy in every moment.

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Meet the Shaman

Meghan works with women and mothers to help them overcome any challenges and anxieties they face so they can be the best version of themselves for themselves and their families. Meghan is a Master Shaman and Reiki Practitioner who provides healing sessions, classes, and workshops, all of which teach the tools and wisdom to find healing in all areas of life. By bringing the body, emotions and energy field back into balance she has helped countless people find the health and success they have been searching for.

 I'm so glad you're here.

Since 2014 I have work with people from all walks of life helping them to achieve their goals and create the lives of their dreams. It has been such a privilege to watch all the shifts and transformation they have experienced over the years and it's the reason why I choose to share this healing work everyday. 


These past couple years have been so crazy and we’ve all been processing the uncertainty and fear in our own ways. I found myself in a stressful world completely stuck in isolation with the chaos. Like many people, I stopped working and taking clients. I was expecting my first baby, so I decided to spend my time by using it as a gift to work on myself to be the best person and mother I could be for my new child. I learned so much about myself and leaned into the wisdom I learned in my shaman training. I felt like I was relearning it all over again and at a new and even higher level. 

Even though I wasn't officially working, I still had many women and mothers reaching out to me for help to navigate through the chaos. They have all since shared how valuable the wisdom and lessons we worked on over the past year have been to them. Many of them have told me that they can see measurable improvements in their lives and they continue to want to learn more. After seeing the tangible benefits, I decided that I want to begin to share this transformative information with women and mothers everywhere. 


This new energy prompted me to rebrand my business with more of a direction toward empowering women, so I am now proudly Shamana Mamas.

If you have been feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders, especially this past year, a shaman session could be for you.


Are you ready to let go of old stories and emotions that are no longer benefiting you? Are you ready to learn how to achieve optimal health and wellness? Are you ready to gain a deeper understanding of yourself in order to step into the person you are meant to be? 

Contact me today for your free consultation and find out all the ways you can start to improve your life and be your best self.

Navigating in Woods


       "Its hard to overstate what my consultation with Meghan (ShamanaMama!) meant to me and how it impacted the trajectory of my life. I came to Meghan for a Shaman Session when I was in a very dark, very difficult place. I was lost, overwhelmed, and, STUCK-stuck.
       I was definitely skeptical (and nervous!) before our session, having never worked with this kind of healing modality before. Meghan immediately put my mind at ease, providing me with a full overview of what to expect before initiating the session and addressing my MANY questions. She was warm, funny, and extremely professional. Coming in as a skeptic, I can confidently say that I was immediately converted after our first session. Meghan helped me clear persistent emotional/psychological barriers and helped me find clarity in a very complicated situation. One session=lifelong devotee!
       Our continued work together has deepened my ability to connect with others, achieve my goals, and has helped me become a happier person. I would legit give her 10000 stars if I could. I feel like I found a secret life-weapon!!"

Liz C.

Oakland, CA

       "Meghan is wonderful to work with! I have met with her for several shaman sessions. She has really helped me with my healing process, and I have always felt so much lighter after a visit. She helps you feel comfortable, listens to your needs, and is very informative about the process in which you encounter. I look forward to future sessions with her, and to learning a great deal more from her."

Rebecca M.

Mather, CA

       "Meghan is professional, welcoming and friendly. I had never been to a session before and she made me feel so comfortable and at ease. I meet with with her regularly and I have learned so much about myself and how to process my emotions. I have greatly benefitted overall from the time I have spent with her & I look forward to our next session!​"

Alex T.

Sacramento, CA

       "I came to Meghan because I had some performance anxiety around work that I could not shake off. I've seen a hypnotherapist for it and I still could not get to the bottom of it. I did a lot of my own internal work as well.
       That's when I realized that it may not be in the subconscious, it may be a soul level wound that needed healing. That's when I reached out to Meghan. After a couple sessions, the anxiety was cleared and I was able to show up more confident and centered.
       She was very gentle and compassionate. I felt like I was talking to a friend I had known for ages. I would definitely recommend working with her. She's very skilled at what's she does."

Song A.

San Jose, CA


Meghan Johnston


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